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  1. Spreading Joy to Children in Need

    Our Plymouth office held its third annual Toys for Tots drive this holiday season! Overall, they collected 140 toys to donate to local children in need, along with a donation from OneBeacon’s Charitable Trust. Our colleagues were even featured on the local news live broadcast, where they brought the collected toys and proceeds! See some […]

  2. Using Trust to Strengthen Producer Relationships

    Obviously, trust is a critical component of any successful relationship. But how about capitalizing that “T” as in the OneBeacon Charitable Trust as a way to create an even stronger bond with our producers? Well one business has taken that advice to heart – IMU’s New England region has relied on the Trust to support […]

  3. Lighting the way through community giving!

    Welcome to a new year—and a new look! We’re excited to unveil our new Trust logo. The new look was designed to align to our corporate brand.  And with our new look, we encourage more of you to support your volunteering and philanthropic efforts through Trust sponsorship. Take a moment to review our Trust guidelines to […]

  4. How to Request Matching Gifts to Schools

    We know that some of you support your alma mater financially and use the Trust’s matching-gift program to supplement your donation. We have recently changed how we process matching-gift requests for efficiencies’ sake. Instead of submitting your request online through the Easy Match website, we are now processing all matching-gift requests in-house. The new form […]

  5. Calling all parents of high-school seniors!

    The OneBeacon Charitable Trust is once again offering graduating seniors the opportunity to earn a $1,500 college scholarship for the upcoming academic year. Ten scholarships will be awarded to our employees’ sons and daughters, and another ten are available for our agents’ and brokers’ children. Applications and a program brochure are available on the Portals and the […]

  6. Wondering how we process requests?

    Just in case you’re wondering how we consider the many requests we see from employees and agents/brokers — the Trust Committee meets biweekly to consider all requests over $500. All sponsorship requests go to our Tax department for review first and then we discuss them in our next meeting.  We meet on Thursdays; our next session scheduled for December 9.  […]

  7. The Trust at Work

    Some of you may be wondering how the OneBeacon Charitable Trust actually works. First, Trust sponsorships must support IRS-qualified nonprofits known as “501(c)(3)” organizations. Each sponsorship request is considered relative to our community giving guidelines  The Trust supports those nonprofits that OneBeacon employees or our distribution partners support through volunteerism or personal donations.  Additionally, the Trust matches 50 cents to every dollar you […]