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  1. Holiday Giving Round-Up

    Halfway through January, the holidays seem like such a long time ago! But the community giving that many of you pursued will have a lasting impact. To that end, we thought you’d enjoy knowing which local nonprofits were targeted for holiday donations from the Charitable Trust by our various offices. This is the fourth consecutive […]

  2. Partnerships beyond the office walls

    Building close relationships with our top performing distribution partners makes good business sense. And understanding their passions is a way we can become closer. The IMU New England team has long partnered with The Allen Insurance Agency based in Camden, Maine. With a loss ratio in the low 20s and a sizeable book of business, […]

  3. A trip to the barber for kids fighting cancer

    There are a lot of routines we take for granted, like getting an occasional haircut. But what about having your head shaved and not for a hip look—but to show your commitment to fighting cancer? I don’t think I’m brave enough for that step, but OneBeacon’s Jim McKenna is. Jim, a large loss claim manager from […]

  4. Agents & Brokers Work Hard After Hours, Too.

    Day-to-day, we see our distribution partners’ business side, as they work hard to manage their clients’ risk exposures. What you may not realize is how many of them work just as hard as volunteers and fund raisers for worthy nonprofits.  Here are just a few recent examples: Willis’ national life science practice partner rode 500 miles in support of the […]