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  1. Using Trust to Strengthen Producer Relationships

    Obviously, trust is a critical component of any successful relationship. But how about capitalizing that “T” as in the OneBeacon Charitable Trust as a way to create an even stronger bond with our producers? Well one business has taken that advice to heart – IMU’s New England region has relied on the Trust to support […]

  2. A Great Cause results in a Big Thank-You

    We always appreciate receiving a thank-you from an appreciative Trust beneficiary. Here’s one we thought we’d share as it’s posted on the Allen Insurance Agency website and Facebook page, featuring a picture of our IMU colleague Matthew Pedersen. Read our previous post describing the Trust’s sponsorship of Allen’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life fund-raising efforts.

  3. Partnerships beyond the office walls

    Building close relationships with our top performing distribution partners makes good business sense. And understanding their passions is a way we can become closer. The IMU New England team has long partnered with The Allen Insurance Agency based in Camden, Maine. With a loss ratio in the low 20s and a sizeable book of business, […]

  4. IMU Supports Pines (hint: we’re not talking wooden boats!)

    IMU’s Boston-based team has long supported the Pine Street Inn, a local force in the fight to end homelessness. Founded in 1969, Pine Street serves more than 1,300 homeless individuals daily and 10,000 annually. Customhouse Marine, one of IMU’s largest and more profitable producers, is closely affiliated with this nonprofit, and so for each of […]

  5. Wondering how we process requests?

    Just in case you’re wondering how we consider the many requests we see from employees and agents/brokers — the Trust Committee meets biweekly to consider all requests over $500. All sponsorship requests go to our Tax department for review first and then we discuss them in our next meeting.  We meet on Thursdays; our next session scheduled for December 9.  […]

  6. Agents & Brokers Work Hard After Hours, Too.

    Day-to-day, we see our distribution partners’ business side, as they work hard to manage their clients’ risk exposures. What you may not realize is how many of them work just as hard as volunteers and fund raisers for worthy nonprofits.  Here are just a few recent examples: Willis’ national life science practice partner rode 500 miles in support of the […]

  7. The Trust at Work

    Some of you may be wondering how the OneBeacon Charitable Trust actually works. First, Trust sponsorships must support IRS-qualified nonprofits known as “501(c)(3)” organizations. Each sponsorship request is considered relative to our community giving guidelines  The Trust supports those nonprofits that OneBeacon employees or our distribution partners support through volunteerism or personal donations.  Additionally, the Trust matches 50 cents to every dollar you […]