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  1. Yankee Swap Swapped Out!

    Many of us enjoy the surprises associated with a “Yankee Swap” (or as it’s known in some parts – a “White Elephant” gift exchange) during the holidays. Whether at work or among family, it’s a fun way to celebrate the season, with guaranteed laughter along the way. But you’ve got to hand it to our […]

  2. Together Again!

    When Claims’ Wendy Gottorff makes a commitment, she doesn’t take it lightly. For example, consider her volunteering efforts for a youth mentoring program. She’s consistently put in about 100 hours annually since 2007 and you guessed it; she’s been mentoring the same young girl for each of these seven years. Wendy volunteers as a mentor […]

  3. Movember Movement

    What do Melbourne, Australia and Farmington, CT have in common? Well this time of the year, a commitment to the Movember Movement, the global challenge to raise funds to promote men’s health. Since 2003, when 30 Australians founded the Movember Foundation, this fundraiser is responsible for millions of new moustaches around the world.  And this […]

  4. Insurance Industry Bands Together

    We all know we can accomplish more when we have additional hands on deck. A recent opportunity to put our industry’s many hands to work came during the annual Week of Giving, sponsored by the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF). Formed in 1994, the IICF is a nonprofit funded and directed by insurance industry professionals dedicated […]

  5. All the World’s a Stage or at least at Park Square!

    As we spend our days working hard on our specialty business, an evening of live entertainment can be a terrific way to relax. Whether it’s music, sports or theatre, there is little that rivals experiencing such events in person. Claims’ Joe Schmitt wants to make sure his neighbors enjoy access to live theatre, which is […]

  6. Playing for a cause

    Who doesn’t enjoy spending time outdoors late summer, just to savor those final moments of warmth and sunshine – especially if you work in Minnesota! That’s what our OBTI colleagues from Minnetonka thought when they decided to enjoy a day on the golf course. But don’t worry; they weren’t playing hooky. They were actually playing […]

  7. Singer, Composer, Founder, Co-Chair

    When we’re passionate about something, it’s easy to give it our all, but those words don’t quite do justice to Claims’ Judi Lamble’s involvement in the Twin Cities Jewish Chorale. In the fall of 2009 a group of Jewish music lovers met to develop a new Jewish choral group in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. […]

  8. The “V” Behind “Volunteer”

    If you follow this blog, you’ve read countless posts about the many fundraising events our colleagues – and producers – participate in to help raise awareness and donations for worthy causes. Just as important as walking, running or biking, however, is helping organize and manage these community events. A great example is Trish Vigeant from […]

  9. Industry Education: Playing for a Cause

    Can you name this 50-something that hangs out with a panther and is solely focused on fund raising to support insurance education? If you guessed The Georgia State University Risk Management Foundation, then you’re absolutely right! Georgia State is one of a limited number of universities that offers risk management and insurance education. This supporting foundation […]

  10. Pulling an All-Nighter for a Cause

    When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter? If memory serves me right, it takes purpose and usually some good friends, both of which were in abundance on Friday, June 14th in Salem, Virginia. Yes, that’s when 16 members of the local OneBeacon team laced up their sneakers to participate in the American Cancer […]