Chop chop, Boston!

During the week of October 14, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) held its annual Week of Giving, an industry-wide volunteer initiative where insurance professionals come together to service their communities and neighborhoods by volunteering. Each fall, OneBeacon always looks forward to participating in IICF’s week-long event.

To celebrate this charitable week, members of our Boston office volunteered in the kitchen at the Pine Street Inn. Pine Street Inn is a local homeless shelter that provides services to support those in need. OneBeacon has always been a big supporter of Pine Street Inn, as we try to volunteer multiple times a year and donate through way of our Charitable Trust.

The group began their morning by chopping, cutting, peeling and dicing. Who needs coffee when you have the scent of onions to wake you up! They chopped nothing but onions this time around, but the chefs told them it was the most important task in the kitchen—onions are the base for almost every meal!

The group had a great time. They helped prep meals for over 2,000 people in need throughout the city of Boston and its surrounding communities. Way to go!


Pictured left to right: Holly High, Sasha Aronson, Linda Parks, Jane Crapo & Meredith Paton

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