Using Trust to Strengthen Producer Relationships

Obviously, trust is a critical component of any successful relationship. But how about capitalizing that “T” as in the OneBeacon Charitable Trust as a way to create an even stronger bond with our producers? Well one business has taken that advice to heart – IMU’s New England region has relied on the Trust to support their key producers’ charitable interests for many years. And in one case, we were in on the ground floor, supporting a Massachusetts agency that established their own foundation as a way to commemorate a century serving the local community.

Said IMU regional manager Meredith Atwood, “Rogers & Gray is one of our largest marine producers. They established this foundation six years ago in celebration of their 100th anniversary. We are happy to support their fund-raising efforts as they work to positively impact their community’s safety and well being.”

This year’s Rogers & Gray Foundation fund raiser was a performance by the international touring group “Up with People.” The Trust was able to support IMU New England with a donation to the Rogers & Gray Foundation, and thereby helped reinforce their relationship with a top agency.

Read our community giving guidelines to see if you have an opportunity to strengthen your producer relationship!